Election Code

The final Election Code is available HERE.

Chief and Council worked on new initiatives to meet the requests of the membership. Members have been asking for an Election Code for the past number of years and the First Nation had received funding from Indegenious and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).

The current plan was to develop a schedule that will see the work on an Election Code begin in February 2014 and be completed by September 30, 2014 where a referendum will be held to approve a member-based Election Code. A series of workshops were held at the First Nation and others were held in Thunder Bay to get members engaged in the process. In addition, this website was used as a conduit to getting feedback from members who are not residents on the reserve or living in Thunder Bay.

A presenation of the Long Lake Election Code Project Overview is available here: Long Lake Election Code Project Overview

The presentation discusses:

  • Introduction
  • Background Information
  • Project Overview; and
  • Meeting Schedule
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