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Greenstone Gold

The revitalization of the gold industry in our traditional territory appears to be moving forward.  Greenstone Gold Mines (formerly Premier Gold) has been working on the Trans-Canada Project since exploration activities began in 2008 including work at the Hardrock Deposit, which is within the First Nation’s traditional territory.  The First Nation has a Field Exploration Agreement with the First Nation and Chief and Council are continuing to work with Greenstone Gold to advance on other issues.
Over the next several months the nature of our relationship will continue to evolve.  Greenstone Gold has engaged the First Nation in a cultural impact assessment process and reports should be available shortly.  Greenstone Gold is now exploring other aspects of mine development including the location of a tailings pond and other elements that are critical to mine construction.  We will continue to be engaged and work with Premier through this next phase of their process.
Chief and Council have now begun to explore how it wants to work with Greenstone Gold through the mine construction phase.  Chief and Council will sit down with Premier shortly to discuss where we want to take our relationship with them and we hope to have further information to share with the membership by the end of 2013.
For more information about this project please contact John O’Nabigon at the Band Administration Office at (807) 876-2292 ext. 239 or email