Migizi Wazisin Elementary School

In 2012, our First Nation assumed full control over the education of our youth by adding local delivery of secondary school programming to our own students.  The move to our own delivery model has been a huge success.  In the first two years our enrolment has increased significantly and our secondary school students await the grand opening of their new secondary school facilities with modern shops, classroom pods, a science lab, computer lab and a gymnasium to host all kinds of athletic and social events.
We of course are all working to improve the quality of services delivered to our elementary school children who attend the Migizi Wazisin Elementary School.  The development of the secondary school has meant many improvements for elementary programming as well and the tie in between the buildings means that elementary students will also get to use the enhanced gymnasium, stage area, etc.
We have also made structural improvements to the elementary school including a new library and roof replacement as well as new soffit and facia and a fresh coat of stain.  The building envelope is one that we are very proud of and our children will take great pride in coming to throughout their years in elementary and secondary school.
With the ability to deliver a full range of educational programming from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 and with our ability to continue to meet the objectives of the Ontario curriculum there are no limits to what our children can accomplish.
For more information about our Education Programs please contact Education Director, Claire Onabigon at (807) 876-4482.

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