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One of the most important aspects of life on-reserve is the ability to meet the health care needs of our members. Over the past several years we have engaged as a First Nation in finding unique solutions to many of our health care delivery concerns and we have been at the forefront of creating solutions for our First Nation.
With our own health centre, located in the First Nation’s administrative building, we are able to offer our membership local programs and services including programs for youth and elders, addiction counseling, life skills training and medical care. Our health centre provides immediate services needs and is equipped with a Community Health Representative, Health Team and medical transportation, if required.
Our First Nation partners with Dilico Anishinabek Family Care and Matawa First Nation Tribal Council to ensure that essential health programs are available locally.
The Long Lake #58 Health Clinic offers a variety of services such as the Elders Gathering Group, Healthy Babies, Community Health Nurse, Community Health Representative, Victims Services Worker, Family Support Workers, Native Addictions Drug and Alcohol Program and Suboxone Program.
Health Director and Councillor, Judy Desmoulin
Email: Judy.desmoulin@longlake58fn.ca
Family Support Worker, Amy Patabon 
Phone: (807) 876-2292 or (800) 463-8079 ext. 234
Email: Amy.patabon@longlake58fn.ca
Victim Services/Family Well Being Worker (part-time), Cheyanne Patabon
Phone: (807) 876-2292 or (800) 463-8079 ext. 233
Email: Cheyanne.patabon@longlake58fn.ca
Comprehensive Community Planner (youth) Kristy Muckaday
Phone: (807) 876-2292 or (800) 463-8079 ext. 234
Email: Kristy.Muckaday@longlake58fn.ca  
Family Support Worker, Mary Waboose 
Phone: (807) 876-2292 or (800) 463-8079 ext. 232
Email: Mary.waboose@longlake58fn.ca
Family Support Worker and Councillor, Patrick Patabon 
Phone: (807) 876-2292 or (800) 463-8079 ext. 233
Email: Patrick.patabon@longlake58fn.ca
Family Well Being Worker, Roseanne Legarde
Phone: (807) 876-2292 or (800) 463-8079 ext. 244
Email: Roseanne.legarde@longlake58fn.ca