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What is the Ring of Fire?

This is the large chromite project that is situated in the area of McFaulds Lake in northern Ontario.  Three companies, including Cliff's Natural Resources Inc., NorOnt Resources and KWG Resources Inc., all have a role to play in the development of the chromite deposit in this area of Ontario.  Both levels of government have a vested interest in seeing the project completed and most importantly the nine First Nations of the Matawa Tribal Council have asserted their interests in engagement and accommodation and being a large part of the decision-making process related to this project.

At the present time Long Lake #58 First Nation is assessing the role that it wants to play in the project.  We have recently met with the Honourable Bob Rae, lead negotiator for the Matawa Tribal Council and the Honourable Justice Frank Iacabucci, lead negotiator for the Province of Ontario to discuss the project and our interests in seeing it developed.

We have also begun to develop our own internal planning and strategic development activities and we will be working with the membership to confirm the directions that we are proposing to take with this project.

June 2016 Ring of Fire Update

The Province of Ontario and the Matawa First Nations continue their dialogue following the signing of the Regional Framework Agreement related to the Ring of Fire.  Long Lake #58 First Nation (“LLFN”) continues to participate in the Ring of Fire on various levels to help advance the concept of achieving a long-term agreement between Ontario and Matawa to scope, permit, develop, approve and manage the mineral resources in the Ring of Fire.

Since the signing of the Regional Framework Agreement the Chief has been an active participant at the Chief’s Table that helps set the strategic direction for negotiations with Ontario.

In 2015-2016, Chief and Council completed their strategic plan for participation in the Ring of Fire that included establishing key tenets for future discussions such as:

  • Supporting the rights of the remote First Nations to establish the strategic direction for discussions with the Province of Ontario;
  • Participating in all discussions related to the transportation of goods and services to and from the Ring of Fire – particularly as it relates to rail and truck movements through our First Nation;
  • Engaging in studies and information sharing on key issues such as revenue sharing;
  • Maintaining a lead role in the development of transmission infrastructure that can support growth in the region including the Ring of Fire; and
  • Creating a more open dialogue with the membership through enhanced communications; and
  • Developing a membership based Advisory Committee to assist in setting the direction for the First Nation.

In addition, Chief and Council initiated a revenue sharing study that has two Phases:

  • Phase 1:  an indepth analysis of the revenue sharing market including examining government to government agreements, examining corporate information, looking at best practices in other jurisdictions and reviewing key indicators from the mining sector; and
  •  Phase 2:  developing some revenue sharing models that will provide a basis for negotiating revenue sharing agreements with the Province of Ontario for mining initiatives.

For 2016-2017, Chief and Council have decided to invest its Ring of Fire funding in the following key initiatives:

  • Completion of the Phase 1 revenue sharing study;
  • Supporting the role of Community Representative;
  • Developing local administrative capacity to support the First Nation’s participation in the Ring of Fire;
  • Maintaining the Advisory Committee for key projects such as:

      o   Labour force development;

      o   Infrastructure development;

      o   Review of key positions with respect to the four pillars

  • Ensuring that the strategic direction of the Chief and Council continues to
  • Updating the membership on a quarterly basis on Ring of Fire activities; and
  • Seeking funding from Ontario – separate from the Ring of Fire budget – to support Phase 2 of the revenue sharing study.

For more information about the Ring of Fire please contact: Chief Veronica Waboose, Henry Waboose, First Nation Manager, Frank Onabigon, Community Representative or John O’Nabigon, Economic Development Manager.