Kenogami Forest

At the present time the Kenogami Forest is being managed as Crown Forest Unit.  Over the past eighteen months a number of First Nations from our area have been working with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on the conversion of the Crown Forest Unit into a Sustainable Forest License. 

The Kenogami Forest represents the second largest area of forest resources in Ontario and is vital to the overall economy of this area of the Province and to each of the First Nation’s who will be working with us on this project.

The concept of a Sustainable Forest License has been discussed with all of the stakeholders who participate in or have a vested interest in the forests in our area.  Stakeholders include private sector partners such as AV Terrace Bay, Columbia Forest Products, Lecours Lumber and municipal partners such as Greenstone, Schreiber and Terrace Bay.  All of the stakeholders and the seven First Nation will have an interest in the license and we will all work on developing new strategies that will increase the opportunities and economic potential for the First Nations.

Over the next several months the various Parties will continue to engage the MNR until such time as the license has been issued to the new consortium.  In addition, Long Lake #58 First Nation will continue to work to position itself as the lead First Nation and will work to develop its internal strategy that will allow it and its membership to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise from participating in the management of the Kenogami Forest.

For more information about the Additions to Reserve you can contact Horis Mansuri, Manager of Lands and Economic Development at (807) 876-2292.